BYO fishing gear

Reef Fishing – what you’ll need
– Boat rod & reel (eg 4/0)
– Line 15-24 kg (at least 120 metres)
– Hooks (No. 1/0 to 4/0)
– Sack or Chilly bin for fish
– Ice
– Filleting knife
– Plastic bags for your fish
– Old towel
– Sunscreen

Hapuka Fishing (in addition to the items above)
– Heavy duty rod & reel (6/0 to 9/0)
– At least 500m hard low stretch line (15-24kg)
– Sinkers 320z
– Hooks (No. 15 Tuna circle)
– Squid, Mackerel lures
– Trolling lures
– Gimbal belt
-Sleeping bag, pillow & toiletries (if staying overnight)
– Music CDs

Hire our gear

We have everything you need available for hire:
– Reef fishing hire – $30 (includes your first lot of terminal tackle; trace, hooks and sinker)
– Hapuka fishing hire – $30 rod charge plus $25 tackle charge
– Replacement tackle is also available on board (but hopefully you don’t need it!)
– Terminal tackle for reef fishing $5 (trace, hooks and sinker)
– Terminal tackle for hapuka fishing $25 (trace, hooks and sinker)


Bait can be purchased on board or you’re welcome to bring your own.
– Bait $15 (squid pack)
– Food and clothing

Bring your own food

Tea and coffee are provided free of charge.
Bring a warm jacket, hat and sunblock. White soft soled shoes are your best bet. No high heels or black gumboots please, and jandals or bare feet are at your own risk.

Health and safety

Safety is a high priority for us, we also reserve the right to refuse anyone on board who arrives in an intoxicated state. No refund will be given.